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  As a direct wiper factory owned by the Mita Company Ltd. of Japan and relying on the 50-year wiper production experience of Japan headquarter and 20 years of silicone coating core technology,Surefire has passed the IATF16949:2016 Automotive and parts quality management system certification with strict Japanese production management as standard.
  Our main product ranges include: all kinds of high-quality car wipers, silicone wiper blades, rubber wiper blades, boneless wiper blades, multi-function wiper blades, snow wiper blade, rear wipers and all kinds of wiper refills, silicone wiper refills, glass cleaner, glass coating agent, car wash shampoo and other car beauty care products.

  Our core products: silicone wiper blades.Applied in 1998 and obtained the Japanese international patent certification in 2008, the products have been marketed and sold in the Japanese market for more than 20 years. Adhere to the use of silicone materials imported from Japan and technical formula, which makes the inside of the refill integrate with special coating factors.Each time the wiper is turned on, the coating layer will be automatically restored, thus achieving a sustainable water repellent effect,which maintains a clear vision even without turning on the wiper at high speeds.With super good weather resistance, no deformation at high temperature up to 200℃ and no hardening at low temperature to -50℃,the lifespan of silicone wiper blade is 3x longer than the normal wiper blade.

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