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4Wiper knowledge
  The rain wiping effect of the wiper is 70% depending on the wiper refill. The conventional wiper refills are made of rubber or synthetic rubber and do not have any coating effect. Some merchants will apply a water-repellent coating on the surface of the rubber refills. This process can also coat glass, but the coating effect is very short. After the wiper is used and rubbed, the water-repellent coating on the top will fall off quickly and the friction coefficient will increase,which leads to strong jitter, skipping and abnormal noise. This is the "fake coating wiper blade" on the market.
  The “true coated wiper blade” is also known as the “silicone coated wiper blade”. The MITA coated wiper blade uses a special “modified silicone material” to replace the traditional rubber material. Because only the silica gel has a strong water-repellent effect after being specially formulated, the coating factor is gradually released from the inside of the refill, which is easy to operate, save time and labor.It can be used together with any water-repellent agent because it has the same interface as other coated products on the market.And there will be no phenomenon such as wiper skipping,chatter and abnormal noise etc. More importantly, it has a lifetime coating effect that can be restored at any time. These are the effects that only "true coated wiper blades" have.

  But not any silicone material can achieve the effect of a MITA coated wiper blade. Because silica gel also has many disadvantages, such as small elasticity, poor wear resistance, easy tearing, large friction coefficient and so on. Therefore, even if the manufacturer who doesn’t know the technology also uses silicone material abd his products have the coating effect,the other side effects caused by the coating may not be changed.​

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