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silicone wiper
silicone wiper
silicone wiper

50 years production experience.

It's worthwhile for you to test Mita. For the last 50 years,Mita company has been engaged in R&D and production of autimotive wiper blades,wiper blade rubber and various rubber products.Our company's raw materials are self-developed and self-manufactured with 50 years’ rubber and  silica gel production experience from Japanese headquarters.
Mita rubber, since 1967
silicone wiper
silicone wiper

Good materials,bring better products

Use good materials regardless of cost!
Specially selected zinc-alloy connector,high strength and no deformation.
Make the wiper blade structure strong and stable!
silicone wiper

PBT material

New materials,better ductility!
Anti-shock, cold resistance!
Better resistance to UV rays and never aging.
silicone wiper

Good memory,better elasticity

All steel sheets of wiper frame are made of super-strong memory steel sheets.
Good resilience and strong fatigue resistance!
Aerodynamic design

Effectively reduce wind resistance

silicone wiper
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