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Comparison of using effect

Say goodbye to frequent rain wiping, achieve lasting clarity!

CleanBro Silicone Wiper Blade
Use silicone rubber refills with special water repellent factors inside, while moving the wiper blade, it can form a strong water repellent coating on the glass surface,
which can make the rain water bead up into droplets to bounce and fall naturally. Say goodbye to frequent rain wiping and effectively reduce the loss of wiper motor.
When the speed is over 80 km/h, the rain droplets can be blown away by the wind pressure,therefore maintain a clear road view even without turning on the wipers.
Good coating technology,
good water repellent effect.
CleanBro silicone wiper blades,which all the refills are made by Japanese headquarter technology.
The sustainable lifetime coating technology makes the coating on the surface of the glass smooth and even,
so that the contact angle of the water droplets is increased, which makes it easier to form a spherical shape and flow smoothly!

Not all wiper blades
can maintain lifetime coating effect.

Super weather resistance
brings super long lifespan

CleanBro silicone wiper blade,
CleanBro silicone wiper blades,which bring the weather resistance of the silica gel into full play.
At the same time, natural vulcanization will not occur and never aging. More effective resistance to ultraviolet and ozone damage to wipers! Its lifespan is 3x longer than the normal wiper blades.

Environmentally friendly materials

CleanBro silicone wiper blade,
All wiper refills are made of non-polluting, degradable and environmentally friendly silicone. Let's protect our environment together!
Use good materials regardless of cost
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