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Which is better for silicone wiper blades and rubber wiper blades?

Which is better forsilicone wiper blades and rubber wiper blades?  

  In fact, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The main difference is that the rubber refill materials that used are different. Just like the metaphor of a porcelain spoon and a stainless steel spoon, different materials produce different characteristics. A wiper's good or bad, 70% depends on the wiper refill. Generally speaking, if the brand you choose is right, the good characteristics for silicone coated wipers are much more.Therefore,the price will be more expensive than the rubber wipers. However, here i want to remind everyone that you’d better not choose a so-called “rubber coated wiper” that coated with a coating powder on the surface of the refill, because the coating powder will fall off quickly in the use of friction,which will be no effect in ​the later period. Here below is a comparison chart between silicone coated wiper blades and rubber wiper blades for your reference:

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