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Development and market prospects of silicone wiper blades
  First of all, we need to figure out why there are "silicone coated wiper blades" on the market.
  Everyone knows that "silicone coated wiper blades" originated from Japan and it has been used for decades in the auto beauty industry in Japan. For example, the coating liquid coated on glass (commonly known as glass water repellent in Japan) and water repellent shampoo used on car body are similar products. However, the water repellent applied to the glass is not long-lasting and the manual application is time-consuming and laborious. Although the water-repellent effect is very obvious, the glass coated with water repellent agent is prone to serious jitter, skipping and abnormal noise if use ordinary rubber wiper.That is because the glass in contact with the rubber wiper changes the interface due to the coating layer, which causes a repelling phenomenon by an increase in the friction coefficient.According to the above phenomena, the Mita company of Japan first developed "silicone coated wiper blade" and applied for patent for invention in 1998. That is, a special modified silicone material is used to replace the traditional rubber material. Because only after the silica gel is blended by a special process can it achieve the water repellent effect.Moreover, it does not need to be manually applied, saving time and effort since the interface with the coating layer is the same, so the use of any water-repellent agent won’t cause any abnormal phenomena such as skipping,chatter and noise.More importantly, it can restore the coating at any time.
  Because the application of"silicone coated wiper blades" is simple, convenient and effective, it has been widely used for more than 20 years. Which can be seen eveywhere in Japanese auto supply stores and are listed as a retrofit project in the 4S store, and the price is not cheap.

  Then, will the "silicone coated wiper blade" appear fogging, jitter, abnormal noise and other phenomena! ? It depends on whether you have chosen the right brand or not. Because silicone coated wiper blades require a certain amount of technological content and the real technological content is on the blending of the silicone material. The shape can be imitated, but the ratio of the materials and the processing technology can not be imitated. Dongguan Surefire Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is a direct factory of Mita in China. Over the years, Mita technology has taken the lead in the world in the comprehensive allocation of coating effect, strip elasticity, toughness, wear resistance, tear resistance and so on. Not only OEM “silicone coated wiper blades” for the major listed companies, but also its brands 【水弹】 and 【Clean Bro】have been widely recognized by the automotive industry.

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