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How does the coated wiper perform in blizzard weather? -Listen to real feedback from water bomb users

Heavy snow has been flowing in the north in recent days. The snow scene is beautiful, but it also poses a great safety hazard to road traffic. Many owners in the north have encountered such a problem: After a heavy snowfall, a thick layer of snow has fallen on the body, and sometimes a layer of ice has been placed on the glass, which is time-consuming and laborious to clean up, whether it is shovel Knives and shovel, or pouring with hot water, are difficult to remove, and these methods may cause irreparable damage to the glass, which seriously affects everyone's travel time.
So let's take a look at the performance of the water bomb coated wiper? Are coated wipers suitable for cold winter use? Listen to real feedback from Water Bomb users.

After a night of heavy snow, the windshield installed with water bomb coating wipers only had a thin layer of snow, which not only did not freeze but scattered all with a slight blow. The windshield without the water bomb coating wiper is not only snowy, but also a layer of ice under the snow. This is the gap in wipers. Want to coat with water bombs, snowy days are safer!
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