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How about water bomb silicone coated wiper products

In recent years, as a new type of functional wiper, coated wipers have become popular on the market. Among many products, the water-elastic silicone-coated wiper stands out with its excellent performance and excellent quality, bringing consumers better products at a more

affordable price, which has been favored and recognized by the majority of consumers.​​

Many friends have used water bomb wipers, so how does it actually work? As a consumer who has used water bomb silicone wipers for more than a year, I will take you to see how the actual comparison works.

Product comparison table of water bomb coated wipers and other brand coated wipers after one year of use


Water bomb wiper

Other wipers

Rubber strip

Although it has been used for one year, the rubber strip has been worn by friction, but no cracking is observed under the microscope.

The rubber strip has been obviously deformed and abraded, and obvious cracks can be seen with the naked eye.

Plastic material

For outdoor products, although the accessories are dirty, they are not discolored, deformed or cracked.

The accessories are severely discolored and deformed.


High-density zinc alloy, no added materials, less impurities, better toughness, no rust. Observe no sand holes by planing the section microscope.

Non-GB zinc alloys have more lead-containing components, are not environmentally friendly, and contain more impurities. The surface of the product is uneven and slick, with rust spots. Observation of sand holes in the section under a microscope is easy to break.

Steel sheet

Highly elastic memory steel sheet, although long-term compression by the rocker arm, the radian is maintained well, and the glass fits well without rust.

The hardness and thickness of the steel sheet are unqualified. After long-term compression, the arc deforms, there is a phenomenon of warping on both sides, the glass does not fit, and the steel sheet has rust.


Although the decorative strips are dirty, they have not faded, deformed, shrunk, and tightly wrapped.

Recycled material, unstable weather resistance, prone to whitening, discoloration, oil out and severe shrinkage.


Stainless steel material, no deformation, no rust.

Has rusted and deformed, has poor rebound, and poor corrosion resistance.

Scraping level
And coating effect

The inside of the entire rubber strip is rich in coating factors, and it can be coated for life. After re-coating, the wiper quality can still reach 10 grades, and the coating effect can still reach 100%, which meets the wiper industry standards.

The water-repellent coating is sprayed on the surface. Although the effect can be seen at the beginning of use, as the water-repellent coating has fallen off, there is no coating effect, and there is noise and jitter. Scraper quality level 3, severely obstructed vision.

The water-elastic silicone coated wiper uses pure Japanese imported coated silicone strips. Through a special modification process, a special coating factor is dissolved into the rubber strip. Just wipe the wiper to achieve a permanent automatic coating effect. Brushability and durability, rain water becomes water droplets and bounces, automatically slides down, greatly reduces the frequency of rain brushing, clear vision, and ensure driving safety.
It can be seen that the quality of water bomb wipers is so popular that their product quality has been unanimously recognized by consumers. A product recognized by the masses is a good product worth buying! Finally, I would like to remind you that when choosing a water bomb coated wiper, please choose the official official channel to buy!
I wish you all the best and a happy life!

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